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Hi From PA

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Hi guys, I bought a new Kodiak 700 SE today. Picking it up tomorrow night.

I'm a long time rider, mostly sport atv's my entire life. I've been looking for a nice utilitly ATV for a few months now, and finally decided on the Kodiak. It was a great value, and just a flat out nice machine.

I currently also own a 06 Banshee, 06 Blaster, and I'm half owner of a 86 TRX 250r with my brother. I've built all 3 of them from the ground up.

I'll throw up some pics when I get it home tomorrow nite. I hope to contribute to the site as well where I can.

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Hello Fred. Congratulations on your new Kodiak 700 SE, hope you enjoy it. Look forward to seeing the pics.
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I got it home tonight. I'm really pleased with this purchase. It's my first new quad ever! The dealership threw in a winch and Yamaha mounting plate, (I'm sure I paid for it), so I need to get to wrenching!


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Good looking machine!
Thanks cattleman! I'm just got done installing the winch. It took me about 2 hours, but I'm never in a rush working on my bikes.

Is there alot of activity on this site? I've looked around a little bit for parts reviews and such, and it seems like alot of good info.

Here's a pic of my other 2 quads. I'm trying to get away from riding them as much. They beat the living crap out of me Everytime I go out, and my body can't take it like it used to.


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There is a lot of helpful people and info on the Kodiak 700 here. You might also want to check out kodiakowners.com's sister site, grizzlycentral.com.
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