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I picked up my blue 2016 Kodiak EPS last week, and my first time on a four-wheeler, was when I got on and drove it out of the dealer’s prep area.
I’ve put 60 Km (about 37 mi) on it so far (mostly on a very easy smooth trial). As well, I’ve been using it to yard some logs. I’m really impressed by the ease with which it will skid logs.

In the material I’ve read on the internet, some folks complained that it’s sluggish on takeoff, but it’s got plenty of punch for me. I had it up to 50 km ( 30mph) for a few seconds and it didn’t seem to be at half throttle (that was plenty for me).

With no experience with four wheelers, I’ve had some surprises.
a. It sure is hot between the knees.
b. It’s fun to see the reaction of the other guys in the neighbourhood.
c. It has a lot more power and speed than I expected. I find the throttle very touchy and it’s taking me a while to develop a feel for it. As well, I find it awkward to maintain a steady rpm on tight turns. ( I was surprised to see a thumb throttle rather than a twist throttle like a motorcycle. Is there a reason for this?
d. Those soft tires take a lot of the bumps out of the trail.
e. It’s best not to ride with your mouth open if you’re a vegetarian.

I’m enjoying reading the forum.

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Welcome, You'll get used to the power... you might even want more at some point. The Kodiak really does ride well, especially for a machine aimed at the "work" segment of the market. I just picked up a 2016 Kodiak EPS SE last week. Only 70 miles so far... it's been raining lots.
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