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Hello all. I am from NW Florida and have been the proud owner of a 2000 400 Kodiak that has been used as a truck since new. I bought it for hunting in Kansas and have since moved to Florida where I have used it to build my house, pull trailers, a garden disk, and it has been used to tow cars, pull tree's and everything I have ask it to do. I love my Kodiak but it's getting old. It must have over 10k miles on it. It has raised 6 grandkids and is still the favorite among the young ones. Starting to look for a new one but I only see 700's. Did they get ride of the 450's for good! Anyway... I'm looking forward to learning from everyone. All I've done to the bike is brakes, tires, carb rebuild (due to leaking at the overflow, and one starter relay. And I use it EVERYDAY. No mods other than a wench and a couple of dents in the brush guards from fast moving trees.
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