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Hello All
I Purchased a New Kodiak 700 EPS Grey in July. I love this new Quad. it is just like my 2008 Grizzly 700 EPS. I had 17 break in miles before summer trip to Piute trails. before hitting the trails all I could say about the new Kodiak was mushy mushy. After 450 miles on the Piute Trail in now think this is just perfect (almost). I have since added LED light pods (2) ,Trail Tamer Exhaust, EJK, Elka Stage 1 shocks, removed the 3rd headlight, (reflected light kept getting in my eyes) hollowed out the on lamp assembly and put a Bear Decal where headlight used to be. next step will be Iron Baltic full plastic skid set, and maybe seat assy from a Grizzly (2 inch thicker I hear)

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So you were one of those that were making all the dust while I was on my muzzle loader hunt the end of September.

For those who don't know the Piute trail system in Utah is one of the largest trail systems here in the US. They range from the beginner to all my God what am I doing here type of trail.

All kidding aside enjoy your Kodiak

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Welcome to the club! I used to live in Las Vegas and my daughter and her family are there now. I was thinking about taking my Kodiak down there in February and tackle some of the dunes like at Nellis and Logandale. If you're interested I wouldn't mind having some company on those rides.
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