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Just got my 2017 Kodiak 700 EPS last month. Have been on my 4th ride with 10 hours.

I had a Kodiak 450 that I bought in 2000, the year it was introduced. I have been so happy with the machine that I was going to buy another.

When I went to the dealer the Kodiaks have really changed quite a bit.

I test drove the 450 and loved it. But wanted to give the 700 a try. Wow!

I would have been happy with a 450, but the 700 just has amazing power.

BTW, I paid $6,300 for my 450 in 2000. I was really surprised to see the 2018s were $300 bucks cheaper 18 years later!

I paid $6,500 for my 700 with EPS. So, I think it is a real bargain.

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