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Hello From MD

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Had my Kodiak with plow delivered Friday morning, started pushing snow Friday night.

My last atv was a Kawasaki Brute Force 750. The Kodiak has exceeded my expectations.

Well thought out machine!
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Exceeded expectations?! That is awesome.

Do you plan to use it mostly for work like snow plowing, or are you going to do recreational stuff as well?
how are you liking it's low end power with pushing around snow?

I was expecting the power to be much more like my friends Kodiak 400. Adequate, but not adrenaline inducing. Adrenaline, induced!

I have the base model. I really like the cable actuated 4wd. Wish it had an odometer/fuel guage/speedo. Ill get over that. I have a mud puddle in the mountains that will be my litmus test for the lack of locking differential. Will post my findings vs the Brute Force.

I plowed my entire street which is probably a 5+° incline. In hindsight, should have videoed as the machine made its way through the tire deep snow with the plow blade in the full up position. The warn, front mount plow mount is fantastic. The blade is pretty good but Ill give the nod to my Moose blade which had better foot adjustment and position. The circular feet will roll against a curb on the Moose, protecting the edge of the blade.

If you have a plow, make it a double line rig. Much more controllable for elevation, a lot less strain on the winch cable (my buddy snapped his cable the second day out with a single line setup).

Lets see, I thought the left sideshifter was a neat feature, until i discoved that you need to squeeze the left lever to engage it. My right floorboard was packed with ice so that was a headache.

The Maxxis tires are Awesome. Dug in and cleared better than the stock Dunlops on my Brute.

Glove compartment is cool. Kept second pair of gloves warm and dry.

I will take it trail riding in Bath County VA. I will also pull a trailer to stock the trout stream and hunt off it.

Just some random thoughts.
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