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Hello from Ky

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Just bought base model on April 1st 2016, it runs well, but wished now that, I had gotten the Grizzly
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Welcome to the site. What's got you doubting your Kodiak ? Air it out!
Whats got ya doubting? The kodiak is simply a more compact version of the grizzly with heavier clutch weights. The grizzly's turning radius is ridiculous compared to the kodiak. Believe me when you get into the thick bush trails with steep inclines and tight turns you will appreciate the kodiak. They are like little mountain goats lol chin up now.
Lol little mountain goats ! But definitely want to know what you're thoughts are.... penny for your thoughts sir ?
Welcome to the club.

What modifications and accessories are you planning on getting?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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