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Grizzly Handle Bars on 2016 Kodiak

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Just wondering if anyone has installed the Handle Bars from a 2016 Grizzly on a 2016 Kodiak? If so, did you buy anything beside the Grizzly Bars? Wondering if all the cables and switches mount up OK? I.e. Were the cables and switches long enough? I like to stand up a fair amount when I ride, and like the Grizzly handle bars better. I went with the Kodiak over the Grizzly because it fit in the Back of my 2008 Tacoma.
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This is a mod I would like to do also, I don't know if anybody here tried it yet but let us know how it goes when you do it.
Did you ever do this? Or know of anyone doing it? Its impossible to find any confirmations on this.... Yamaha doesnt want anyone knowing this cheat. I think the moderators of these blog sites are required to delete any posts confirming "cheats" that will hurt the OEM stuff... Its like trying to find info on suping a 15hp outboard to 20hp with bigger jets. Does it work? Yes. Will you find any confirmation on the internet... Nope. Cuz its illegal.
I liked the Grizzly Bar better. So I put one on my Kodiak. It fit great. Cost 50 dollars.
Seems Airslider did indeed install Grizzly Bars on his Kodiak back in 2016. I am not sure how to reference other threads but it was a thread called "New Handlebar Bend" in the "Kodiak 700 Chassis & Body" forum.

I also would like hear of other confirmation that this indeed is a clean swap without the need to lengthen the existing cables as I think it would make riding while standing and hill climbing more comfortable for me.

Keep the shiny side up folks!

: )B
If you can wait for 2 or 3 weeks I am going to do the swap and I'll take pictures of the project.

Everything that I have read indicates that all the cables are long enough since the part numbers of the cables and electrical match from the Kodiak and Grizzly.

The video that I watched of a person installing the Rox risers also showed that there was no problem with the controls.
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I hadn't considered this mod, but it does sound interesting.
I can see that it would help me when standing and on descents.

A couple of times I've done very steep but short downhills in low and felt the pressure in my shoulders as I was too high over the bars when the bike slowed rapidly.
I've changed mine to Grizzly bars, don't have a lot of hours since swapping. The Grizzly bars had a tab I had to twist off with a pair of pliers, also had to pivot the hydraulic brake line a bit.

I don't feel like I'm reaching for the bars now, rather my arms are resting on the bars.
I did the rox risers for the kodiak and there is plenty of room left for getting the grizzly kit. I would recommend the grizzly kit by rox if your serious. I have put 50 hours on mine and I love them.
I just did the Grizzly bars on my Kodiak.

I was going to take some pictures but figured that there really isn't anything to take a picture of.

My stock bars were 32" or 81.2cm for our north of the border friends from the floorboard to the center of the handle bar. The Grizzly bars measure 34 1/2" or 87.63cm from the floorboard to the center of the handle bars.

I am 6'4" or 193cm and with the stock bars I had to bend over to have complete control with both hands on the grips, with the Grizzly bars it looks like I can grab both grips and stand up straight. I'll find out when I take it for a good ride.
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