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Hey everyone, just wanted to ask you folks your opinion on my potential Kodiak purchase.

I saw some dealers in alabama as low as 7,199 on the SE model (2016) but once you add "freight", and other dealer fees etc. (which i think are just a way to get more out of the customer) its about 8k.

I live in oregon and here we don't have sales tax, but dealers know that around here and refuse to bargin with you, they just say- "at least you dont have sales tax"

Out of the 5-6 shops ive called 8199$ OTD is the best they will do. Is it a good deal? I still have to pay DMV fees ;(

I wanted to make off like a bandit and get it for 7500 OTD since its model year end and they are getting the 17's in, but no one will take that offer. I've got cash too! Still gotta buy a trailer too to tow it home 70 miles and to local OHV areas.

I really want to get the best deal possible. It's a thing in my family to get good prices on everything we buy (cars, houses, etc) , and no i promise im not jewish haha the irish are just as frugile :D

I wouldn't mind a 2015-2014 grizzly either but no one is selling anything lightly used around here. only 2009 and older. :(
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