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Future Mod - Grizzly Fender Storage

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Will need to go look at the Grizzly and take some measurements but I believe this would be a easy mod.

I think all you would need is line items 15 - 27.

$60.00 - For a small waterproof storage area, that doesn't eat up usable space




Probably ideal to mount to flat surface, will need to look around.

Looks like their is 3 dollars worth of hardware being sold for 15 plus, could bring costs down to about 50
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$60 for a DiY waterproof box for the right fender panel?
I think so, need to do a little more looking as to where to mount it.
Was looking at that too while at the Yamaha shop. looks like key and 12 volt plug are in the way on Kodiak. If you figure it out please post photos, think a lot of us would like that setup.
I think so, need to do a little more looking as to where to mount it.
Have you had any luck so far finding somewhere ideal to mount it?
I am interested in this modification as well.

Maybe mount it on the left front fender in the top warning plate area?
I'm interested in this too, but not going to give up the charging port.

I have mine wired to constant 12v so I can use it as a battery maintainer port.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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