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Fuel Leak

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Hello Everyone.. just purchased a 2003 Kodiak 450. Have a question about gas dripping out of the tube that comes out of the bottom of the carb.. looks like a overflow line that drains beneath the quad.. thanks
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Does it do it when the engine is running or just when it is off?

On my 2000 you had to shut the fuel off when the engine was off or it would drip fuel .
I actually just bought the atv. Once I saw the gas leak, I shut off the fuel and haven鈥檛 started it since..
In all likelihood fuel is bypassing your needle and seat. It may not actually be the needle and seat itself but at the base of the part that holds the seat there is an oring that degrades over time. Easy fix. Had the same thing happen to my 04. Replace the oring and then connect to fuel source before reinstalling to ensure leak is repaired.
Forgot to mention to check your float to ensure it doesn鈥檛 have a leak. If the oring doesn鈥檛 fix your problem you will have to replace the needle and seat itself.
Laval mentioned that you should look to see if the float has a leak, by that he meant if it has a leak, it will not float and therefore will not shut off the fuel flow, and gas will leak as you describe. Laval is also assuming that you can get into the carburetor bowl for those test. All great advice! Good luck.
I had the same problem on my 400....It turned out to be some debris in the needle valve in the float house. By some strange reason Yamaha has not fitted an fuel filter on these machines, witch means even the smallest particles can make the needle valve not to seal. U must take of the carburetor and carefully dismantle the float valve, and I am quite sure U fill fix the problem. I did struggle with this problem for a while as it was coming and going, and I thought for a while that I had to change the needle vale due to wear, but it was just a small debris in it .

In addition U can fit an simple fuel filter on the hose from the fuel shut-of valve to the carb, just to prevent It will not happen again.


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