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I know that's what they're for and I'm sure it was fun, but it would make me sad to see my machine that dirty.

That is what car washes are for, so you can get it nice and shinny again.

I know on mine I couldn't wait until I got the factory wax off of the plastics, for some reason it was a magnet for trail dust.

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I get it, been there done that. Just for me the newness hasn't worn off yet.
I remember back in the days of having to spend all day Sunday getting the grass, mud and leaves off the frame and wherever else it could get caught after a good Saturday mud run on the pole line.
I used to like the old 2stroke Polaris because when, not if, but when you drowned it you could flip it up, drain the water and have it running again in a 1/2 hour with no oil to change. I was much younger then.
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