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So I grew up back in the 80's driving bikes and atvs. Had an old Suzuki 125 dirt bike and a Yamaha Moto4 225 rwd quad.
That all ended when I left home went to college, and on to work and marriage, etc.

So over the past couple years I have found a couple friends that have land in WV and a few times a year go down with the quads and camp out. I went along a couple times and REALLY renewed my interest in ATVs. So last year I dropped into a dealer to look around and familiarize myself with the latest gear and walked out with a new Yamaha Kodiak 700. LOL. Was not even on my radar (nor my wife's radar).

But I love this machine - it's such a beast. It's been over a year now and am looking to do some upgrades to the lighting and tires, and maybe a winch and some skid plates.
I am hooked like a junkie now. Glad to find this forum so I can feed my addiction.


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The plastic skid plates work quite fine for 99% of riders out there. They will get beat to death and you won't worry about them since you didn't pay a couple hundred dollars for them.

Lights and tires are up to you.

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Every one is different in terms of what they want to upgrade . . . I suspect a lot depends on where you ride, how you ride, what you do with your ATV, etc.

So far I've found the skid plate and lighting to be adequate . . . but I definitely need to upgrade the tires since one has three or four plugs and another has four or five plugs in it. I'll be looking for a 6 or 8 ply tire at some point.
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