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Has anyone purchased anything recently from Gainseville Motorsports or any of the Mountain Motorsports dealers in the ATL area? I was interested in the 2019 Kodiaks but was curious of how the dearlers are.


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I can't help you much but pretty much all dealers will do just what they need to do to sell you the machine.

The service areas are where you need to pay attention. Some dealers have good mechanics and others have kids off of the street doing most of the work.

That is why a lot of owners will do their own maintenance and work that is needed on their machines instead of taking it to a dealer.

For the Atlanta area I am sure that there are some clubs or groups of riders that go mudding on their wheeler. I would find a dirty machine at a restaurant or driving through a neighborhood and then talk to the owners about the area dealers.

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I'm thinking about going to GA for my next purchase. Hoping to get a Wolverine in the near future.

Local PS dealers near me really charge a premium. And with my recent Kodiak purchase, they screwed for $500 on the "final" invoice, so I have no loyalty to them whatsoever.

They charged me $900 destination when it should have been $425 as published on Yamaha's website.

By the time I left there was so frazzled, didn't notice till later. Yamaha sent me a dealer survey, let them know, but didn't hear anything from them.

When you are dealing with these guys, you really have to talk "out the door" price only.
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