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exhaust oxygen delet/stop back fire

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have you removed the air feed to the exhaust from the air box did it stop the back fireing i was going to put a plate over the port that goes to the exhaust but some say it didnt change anything when they put a plug inside the air line at the airbox side to block it
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Blocking the air injection helped a lot for mine and the wife’s, didn’t eliminate it completely. The EHS fuel tuners I installed did though.
Mine has never had a backfire issue but I did the ais block anyway because it is supposed to help it run cooler. What year is your Kodiak?
Mine has also never had that backfire popping noise and it is a 2016
mine is a 2019 and it does it when u let of the gas at around 24kmh give or take a few makes it sound like not running right i will do the delet and block it off with a plate and remove hose completly i may look into the tunner aswell but only after its broke in and hade first oil change also with the first oil change they are going to set the valves anytime after 500 km or atleast check them to make shore there in spec
I have the tuner and have done the AIS delete by blocking the hose and reattaching. Mine still has a pop on fast throttle release but not bad at all.
i pluged the hose at the motor and its about 90 percent gone just a slight back pinging instead of back fire i hardly noticed on trail
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