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engine heat

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does anyone have ideas to cut down on engine heat on side panels and storage compartment?
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$26 at oreillys

2" Titanium
Design Engineering - Exhaust Wrap

Part # 010129

You'll also need 2 Locking Ties.

Helps a lot, makes it bearable while wearing shorts. still, if it's hot and you hit a pool of water, steam blasts out that vent hole and burns your leg off. other than that it's good.
I have used aluminum tape to completely cover the left body panel on the inside. . That seems to help . On the other hand I never wear shorts around a bike since a little mishap involving my cruiser exhaust pipe and my right leg :crying:
Depending on where you live a little heat may be welcome in the months ahead...WINTER IS COMING
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thanks. i'll try the header wrap.
Let us know how it goes ! Maybe post some pictures too :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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