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After looking at some videos and realizing the factory air filter for the Kodiak 700's doesn't prevent dust from going around the front filter lip and entering the engine.
I opened up the air box, was puzzled at the design, and glad I bought the EHS Air Filter Conversion kit..
The Uni filter will flow more air, but most of all the conversion prevents dust from entering the engine. They make a K&N version too, but requires more dremeling inside the box.

Install tips... unplug the black and grey molex on the right side to get more room for the right support bolt.
Clean out all the goo in the box and drip catcher.
Instead of drilling inside the threads and hoping for the best I used a tiny scratch all to mark the area to be drilled, then removed the billet piece before drilling. I ended up having to add one size larger hole in the box with my unibit as things were too tight to get all the threads to easily go in.
You''l need to dremel away some of the three air filter supports in the upper lid so carefully test fit with a dry uni filter.
I drilled a tiny drain hole from the main box area into each front chamber.
I silicone'd over both slotted holes inside the two front chambers...also under the billet and over the four bolt heads.
After the silicone dries overnight install the box.
When you reinstall the box start the right support bolt before you start the left one.
The Uni filter and the two sponges need to have filter oil added to them. The two sponges go into the top of the two front chambers.
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