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Coolant levels

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Does the coolant level in the reservoir drop during use then rise again when the engine cools? I checked mine after riding for a bit, and it is at the minimum line. Is this normal?
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Coolant expands as it heats up so what may look low when it's cooled down will probably be higher up on the fill line when warm. But what you're experiencing sounds like the other way around. Maybe someone else can shed some light on this.
Just checked it cold and it is about 1/2" below the low line - after riding yesterday I think it was just above low line. I also have only about 2 miles on mine. Dealerships said they fill to low line not between the lines. I have a feeling that the radiator then takes some of that and holds onto it, therefore below the line when cold. Probably because these are brand new machines and have never been run... would that make sense??? I'm just going to monitor it for now and add some later if I need to. I haven't taken off Panel 'C' yet to get to the Coolant. Any tips? I know there are a couple of tubes that need disconnecting after I remove Panel 'A'...
Mine came from the dealer below the low line. If I lived closer I'd haul it back and ask them to fill it to the proper level.
Coolant level

what type of coolant do you suggest using?
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