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After unloading hay wagons my buddy and I had some time to kill, so I asked him if he wanted to get the Kodiak and Grizzly out, to which he replies "ATVs aren't my thing, they're stupid" so I told him if he rode some log trails with me and afterward could look me dead in the eyes and tell me he didn't like it, I would give him 20 bucks. Obviously he agreed so we set off, riding random trails we found going down a back road. Few hours of riding later we get back to the farm and I ask if ATVs are his thing yet. He looks at me and says "we are so doing this again next weekend"

I'd call this a win any day, even though he **** near killed the Grizzly, ran her through too high of water and it shut off, after field stripping it and flushing the water out it fired off and we continued. Hit some gravel and rolled it, didn't hurt anything, but I showed him ATVs aren't "stupid" only stupid fun.
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