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Cold Start info

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Hey all,
Had my Kodiak SE for a couple months now, about 80 miles and just under 10 hrs on the unit. I wanted to touch on the cold weather/starting of the Kodiak for anyone who is interested. I live up in the Interior of Alaska where the winter temps can be around the -30 F mark fairly regularly. I went to start the machine up at -10 and it took some coaxing, but after about a minute of on and off cranking it fired right up. took a few mins to get up to temperature but when it did it ran like a champ. Anything in the 0 to +15/20 range seems to be fairly easy starting.
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Oil specifically designed for cold starting would be my preferred choice here. Something like lightweight Mobil 1 Silver bottle.
Don't suppose you've tried cold starting when it's under -10?
We seldom see temps here in Colorado where I live like you describe so I can't state whether my machine would or wouldn't start in severe cold, but I do plug all my power equipment into a battery tender so that they will at least have a chance of starting. I do know that when I start my Kodiak up in the winter, usually to plow snow, I have to tweak the throttle a little or it doesn't act like it wants to start. A little throttle and it starts right up.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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