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I have a total of 4 Kodiak 700's (2016) and each one has alot of corrosion on the 2 brass tabs (electrical connectors + & -) on the top side of the coil. One Kodiak has had numerous starting issues especially after getting the coil wet, another Kodiak one of the brass connectors fell right off and now is not running and the other 2 are a few months newer and are already showing sign of corrosion on them. I was reading about all the Kodiak's having stalling, starting and running issues (look at your Coils). I noticed that the issue is the coil design, it is concaved in on the top allowing water (either water you rode through, cleaned with or rained on) to sit on the top of the coil and run off causing corrosion to set in on the coil. I tried turning the coil upside down, but the leads are not long enough to allow that to happen. I took it to the dealer ship and was told that it would be 3 weeks till they could work on it and then approximately 2 weeks for the warranty approval and the parts to be ordered and installed, but all of this is a mute point because the coils are on back order till 23 July 2016. Like to see or hear from others that might be having this same issue. Attached are two pics, you can see how the coil is shallow and allows the water to sit inside the coil and the corrosion that has happened.*


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