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Clutch upgrade

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I'm looking to upgrade my clutch and am having a heck of a time trying to find kits/parts for the kodiak 700. Anybody recommend a site/clutch kit/clutch weights for our machines? Looking to get more snap/reliability when I upgrade to 26 inch tires.
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It's the same engine and clutching system as the Grizzly. The only difference is heavier flyweights for the Kodiak. You can install anything meant for the Grizz into the Kodiak. Grizz 18 gram weights would be more than adequate for those tires. If you don't want the aggressive shift pattern that those weights produce you could shim the primary or have the sheave re-cut. If you want a full "kit" EPI makes a reputable kit. Call them and just tell them what you have for a bike. They should set you right up.
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where do i get the shims to shim the primary sheave at?

Try out this site, it has free shipping over $75 (i think that's in the states tho). Not sure where you're from and which kodiak 700 you have.

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