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Clutch Noise

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Apparently a lot of us (but not all) kodiak and grizzly owner have a similar situation. A noisy clutch. Some say get used to it. I doubt if Yamaha intentionally designed new machines rattle. Do you guys have experience with different clutch components reducing the rattle? What can be done to eliminate the rattle? Thanks.
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Ok, now I know where to post questions. I was hoping you administers may have seen a post that offered a solution for the (apparently) somewhat common issue. Thanks.
A video with sound would be helpful.
I haven't noticed any clutch noise.
What are the circumstances that you hear it?
I'm wondering if you are getting abnormal wear in the primary sheave, or perhaps something is loose in that area.

JBS Performance has great replacement parts, but they aren't free. They are worth it IMO.
no noises from my clutch, now that it's not full of mud ;)
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