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Clutch kit vs stock

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I'm considering to modify the clutch with one of EPI's kits (sport utility or other) to further improve low end power and torque. Not sure whether to stick with the stock setup or go for a clutch kit, and if so, which one will give me the improvements I'm looking for?

Low speed attributes are much more important to me then top speed or ability to wheelie. Primary use is snow plowing (lots of it!), yard work and other heavy hauling or pulling (disc harrow). I have 27" zillas and the Yamaha original shim kit on my 2016 eps se.

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated! Maybe I should consider the wisdom in the expression, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", but I'm looking to further improve the ultimate workhorse...
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So the EPI mudder kit def gives you the low end torque to wheelie. But also...you'll have that torque for plowing, hauling, ect. the sport utility helps a but over stock and is better for tires closer the 26"-27" range. Mudder is better for 28"-30" tires. Im getting the mudder personally.
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