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Brake light question

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I Recently purchased a 2016 Kodiak 700...I'm giving it the once over. Tail light works when light switch is on and both hand levers turn brake light on but...foot brake lever doesn't turn brake light on. Bulb looks good at first glance. Trying to figure out where to investigate next?
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It is the piece of junk switch. You will also find that the starter override doesn't work either.

The switch is located on the rear diff on the left side. You can grab the spring that is attached to it and pop it out and work it back and forth to get it to work.

On mine it will work for a while before I have to play with it again. I am going to pull it apart this summer and see if I can fix it or just replace it. A replacement is around $26 if I remember right

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Hi Jim/James,

Did you ever get this to work? The switch left of the differential is for the left hand brake and foot brake (Rear). The right hand brake has it's own switch right on the handle and works perfectly. Anyway, my rear brakes have never easily turned on the light, and I have readjusted the switch many times, but it always ends up out of adjustment.

Is it just a bad switch, or is the design that bad?


I personally believe that it is a bad design. If you reach in and pull the plunger out you will feel a spot where it is sticking, then it should work for a while.

I've had so much going on this summer that I haven't had time to really deal with it. Also when I have rode it things have worked the way it is suppose to

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