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I have a new 16 Kodiak, and the battery seems to be getting weak. Is that about normal for battery life, have you all had better luck. If you replaced one, what is a good one to go with?

I did buy it in the spring of 16, and has had normal use, guessing 100 starts.

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Batteries are a crap shoot no matter what you have them in.

The battery in my 2000 Kodiak 400 was still going strong when I sold it in 2017.

If you live in a area that gets hot in the summer it will shorten the battery lifespan as will not allowing it to get to full charge when riding it. I do plan on putting a battery maintainer on mine to keep the battery at full charge when I am not riding it. I have one on my diesel truck and it does a great job.

As for what brand to buy, well, that it up to you. I have good luck with one brand and then the next time I buy one of them it will go to crap right after the warranty period is up. I had a Walmart battery in a dune buggy that lived for over 10 years, you just never know.
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