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Atv Mishap

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Went out riding with my son in law yesterday, after leading him down several trails and checking out a new area we had not been to before. I traded spots with David and let him lead for awhile (also so I could get a little video footage of him riding) then it happened. He came up to a area that got a little sketchy and he began to rapidly slow down, but as I could not see this due to the following reasons (following him around several trees, dust and no brake light to indicate that he was stopping or slowing) it was to late. I swerved to the right in an attempt to miss him and ended up driving up the side of an embankment and ended up being thrown from the quad while it continued on and landed on the rear of the other quad (that my son in law was riding). No injury to him thankfully, and at first I felt fine (until the adrenaline settled down, then I felt like a quad ran me over). The front bumper of my quad went sideways through the rear rake of the quad my son in law was on. No damage to that quad except for some paint scraped of the rack. My quad on the other hand received a bent front bumper, torn left front fender, cracked up radiator trim, and headlight housing. It took the two of us a good 15 minutes to get the two quads separate from one another (holy sh*t those things are heavy). Moral to my story is easy, slow down if you lose sight of the quad in front of you, dust sucks, and ensure the brake light works on the quad your following. Also carry the appropriate tools to fix, replace or repair or remove and parts that you can think of (the tool kit under the seat is a joke) the only thing good in it is the spark plug tool. Pics to follow once I get them off my ipod. Our guardian angle was watching over us today.
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Glad nobody was hurt.

Accidents always happen to fast, by the time you realize whats happening its over. Its amazing you can do what you can with fractions of a second to make a decision.
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