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Pulls to the right when letting go of handle bars? All tires presure are the same.

Feels like back right tire wants to role in on left turns?

Shocks? Toe? Camber?

Brand new bought one month ago. Kodiak 700 eps se black with silver .

Asking for suggestions. :nerd:
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I would take it back to the dealer and let them sort it out. It might be a brake isn't releasing completely or any other number of things. My EPS doesn't pull at all, so I know something is out of whack with your new machine. Sorry you have trouble but that is what manufacturer warranty is for. Good luck
Let us know what they find. Maybe it's an alignment issue.
Also interested to hear what the update is. As Den pointed out, it could be a number of things. Your resolution may help someone in the future !
its not a horrible notice.
Other people dont notice. But i do
Oh okay so it's one of those subtle things but of course because you own it, it'll bother the heck out of yah. I'm like that too.. I analyze everything out of a ride and immediately get knit picky.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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