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Air filter fix

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Just joined to let you all know that there is a really easy fix for stupid foam filter dusting your engine. Napa gold 6449 air filter and a 1 1/2 pvc coupler. Put the coupler inside filter and slips inside breather tube in factory air box. 2016 Kodiak 700. Put air box lid on your done. 70 cfm filter. Performance seems fine. I have dusted to many engine with foam. Just thought I would let you all know this simple fix.
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Hey right on,Thank you !
Good for chasing cows I don't know about racing. I have pictures I'll see if I can post them. If not pretty straight forward.


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Thanks for the pictures! How did you get the 1-1/2" coupler down in to the filter? Were you able to force it in, or did you cut some of the rubber in the filter?

Just force it in. Maybe alittle lube would help. Definitely not going to let dirt by.
Miss information on coupler size it should be a
1 1/4 pvc coupler. Sorry for that. 1 1/2 pvc pipe should work. Thought I had a different coupler. Any how hope that clears things up.
Thanks Magard! Bought the parts & fits like a champ!
Glad it worked. Sorry for wrong coupler size info.
Are you putting a foam or prefilter over this or better not to ?
It looks like you could put your factory foam filter over the paper filter but 70 cfm paper filter is border line for air flow. I don't think it's necessary. Just run paper alone. Paper will plug
quickly in extreme environments. Might change paper filter every oil change if needed.

I only have a hundred miles with this set up. So I'm experimenting, others may have more input. I just don't want to dust another engine.
Total drop in paper filter. Looks like it was made for this machine. Same cfm as other paper filter. Fits in the air box like the factory foam filter.


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Does this filter require the pvc coupler as well?
Don't have to do anything. It slips in the intake and even fits in the filter holder inside. I put alittle grease round the snout of the filter just for extra measures. Probably don't even need that.
I assume by sitting higher up and raising the center of gravity, the ATV will be more tippy. Maybe some adjustable shocks will give you a bit more height without the negatives?
Kodiakbar, I don't know what your talking about. Nothing was changed, just the filter itself.
Thanks Magard for sharing your findings and the pictures!
Did you have any problems with the OEM filter setup that prompted the search for a replacement filter?
I manage a 28000 acre cattle ranch. There is a lot of dust. If I run foam filter I can't clean them enough to keep from dusting engines. It's just something I've learned the hard way. Foam filters are a joke, and I hate seeing people loose engines because of them. If I was racing, and planing on a new top end every race, foam would be the way to go. That's not my style of riding so paper filter is what I use.
Awesome info. So do you notice any power lose with this filter Magard ?
Maybe alittle. It seemed alittle lean so I adjusted my throttle position to a more comfortable position which limited my wide open throttle some. I still have way more power than I need.
The lean mixture might just be the way they are from reading other posts. I converted mine to paper filter on the first day I got it.
Magard, is the intake end made of rubber or does it have rubber gasket to seal it?
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