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4wd system

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Looking at buying a 2016 Kodiak but I'm left wondering how the base model's 4wd system works. Since they don't have diff lock are they 3 wheel drive? Is it worth paying the extra money for the SE with the On-command 4wd system?
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No, it's still 4 wheel drive but the drive wheels won't spin at the same rotational speed.
No, it's still 4 wheel drive but the drive wheels won't spin at the same rotational speed.
So what effect does that have on the performance of the 4 wheel drive system?
I have a base model. From what I understand, the back axle is locked up all the time, when u engage the lever for the front axle it is a limited slip diff. The push button system on the fancier model locks the front diff.
Hello everybody.
I am an Spanish owner of a Yamaha Warrior 350. I am going to buy a new ATV, and I am currently deciding between a Grizzly 450 and a Kodiak 700. I have some conditions: I would like to have the EPS (power steering), and Diff lock. But the importer is not going to bring all the models produced in the US, so I will have to discard something. Otherwise, I would be decided towards the Kodiak.
I am very interested in this thread's topic, as I was just going to ask the same question as Zombies4brkfst posed.
So I would like to thank you very much if you could tell me how good is the Kodiak 700 transmission/traction system without the diff lock ON. The question is that it seems that the importer will not bring the Kodiak SE version, the only one which has the differential lock option.
Just to make sure I understand: when you get a wheel spinning without traction because of snow or mud, and you don't have the diff lock ON, do the other 3 wheels turn so you can get out of where you are stuck? Or all the traction gets lost in the spinning one? I have searched for a lot of information, but I stilll haven't found a conclusion. In particular, I would like to confirm what Ronbo says: that the rear axle DOES have a permanent left-right diff lock, and there is also some mechanism at the front.
In a different manner: do you find the Kodiak performs well without the diff lock option, in mud/snow conditions?
THank you very much in advance for your help. I look forward for your replies, so I can also soon become a proud Kodiak owner.
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Without diff lock, the bike is essentially a 3 wheel drive. Diff lock certainly has its place, but more importantly in my opinion is the proper selection of tires for the terrain you are riding in. Even a locker won't make up for bad tires. Only you can make the decision whether you really need a locker in the front differential. I didn't. I use my bike for work around my property and trail riding on logging roads. I don't ride in deep mud. The ergonomics of the Kodiak were more important than anything else. I could have spent another 700. for the SE but just couldn't justify that much more money for something I will never use. If you get into deep mud a lot, than a locker might be a priority and with that being said, I would look to a Grizzly. The Kodiak is essentially a smaller, slimmer Grizzly with milder clutching and no locker on low and mid line models. The shocks are also lower spec. But perfectly fine for the intended audience. The transmissions are and motors are identical other than primary clutch weights. Here in the U.S. the Kodiak 700EPS is the best dollar value and will more than likely satisfy most riders demands. Good luck.
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Dear Schmeg,
thank you very much for your answer. Your real experience is very useful to me. I'm just not very sure to have completely understood what you say. Excuse me to ask you for an explanation: do you mean that even the inferior versions (those which don't have the "diff lock") do have a kind of lock in the rear axle that make both the two rear wheels keep a minimum torque? And in that case, even if one of the front wheels loses traction, the other front wheel, together with the 2 rear would be able to take the ATV out of a not too complicated situation?
I mean, that the "on command" option with the diff lock switch only adds a kind of central (front to rear) diff plus a front (side to side) diff, but there is always a rear (side to side) diff when you connect the 4WD lever?
Thanks again for your kindness.
My prior ATV was a Kawasaki Brute Force 750. That machine was a Beast!

That being said, I found myself in some familiar "High Centered" situations during the past 30" snow storm.

I remember pulling back the yellow "locker lever" on the Kawi at times and was still stuck.

So far, Im not missing the locker. There is one bog at my hunt camp that will be my litmus test for how the Kodiaks 4wd performs. Hoping to get down there this weekend.
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