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2023 Outlander 700

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Can Am has dropped their 450cc and 570cc models and are moving to a whole new lineup of Outlander 500/700 models. The 650cc v-twin is still available in at least one model, or maybe two?

It looks like they are going directly at both Yamaha's Grizzly and Kodiak as well as the Suzuki KingQuad.

The engine is a 650cc single-cylinder for both the 500 and the 700. The 500 is tuned down with different cams and the programming.
The 700 claims 50hp, while the 500 claims 40hp.

A 700XT comes in at an msrp of $9799.00. Which is very competitive with the Kodiak SE.

I saw a 700XT 2up, a 700 base model and a 500 base model this weekend.
It is a bigger machine than the Kodiak and about the same size all around as the Grizzly.

The ground clearance of the 700XT on 26" tires on 14" rims was impressive. The overall fit and finish is pretty solid.

The storage and racks are where it really impressed me. The front rack has a good sized storage area and the back rack has a lowered center area where things are more "nested."
The center storage is similar to the Yamahas and includes a nice, magnetic phone platform and two USB ports on the DPS and XT models.

I'm not at all ready to move on from my Kodiak, but, Yamaha could learn a few things and make some modernization to the quads.
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Interesting , I like my current kodiak even with the yamaru engine . And yes Yamahas could use a refinement and a v twin engine even if a option . I will say I see a ton of Can am’s on the trails
I really like the size of the 450 Kodiak and wish more manufacturers made a small maneuverable machine. It seems everyone is going for bigger and faster. Off road the little Kodiak 450 goes plenty fast for the WV mountain trails we ride. The ONLY time I could use just a hair more speed is when I have to jump out on the 55mph roads to move between the trails. Honestly, I am fine with going 45, it is just the cars will about run you over. LOL (yes it is legal here and we plate our machines)
What's really nice about the 700 outlander is the rear facing angled cylinder that locates the exhaust and engine heat back. No more hot leg.
Smart move.
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I had a good look at the 700 when I was picking up my 850 Outlander. Man I wish my 850 had that front storage trunk, aka "frunk". Most people complain of lack of storage on the Kodiak vs the grizzly, but that's the one thing I really miss on this Outlander, the hot storage there between you and the bars. The outlander has a rear trunk almost night enough to put my old 700 kodiak in but nothing else for storage. I added a couple shall 2gal storage boxes, one where the 2up seat fastens, and one on front rack. Both will snap on the front rack of I do need to put the 2up seat back on. But man the 2 me small single have the storage figured out well.
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