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Hey I was just hoping someone could give me a little advice on how to fix a problem I've been having. Like the title says I have a 2021 kodiak 700 and its not running right.

The reverse light on the dash stays on no matter what gear I put it in and it wont go over 8mph in high or low gear. It has no problems shifting gears at all the only thing stuck is the R on the dash. I am guessing it has something to do with a limiter on the speed when you are in reverse but this has caused it to limit the speed when I am going forward also.

I have used the override button in every gear/situation possible and it has not done anything. I also disconnected the battery for about an hour and reconnected it and still has not helped.

I just got other issues repaired a few months ago and it has run fine ever since until this. It is the middle of the rut where our hunting camp is so I am desperate to get this thing running properly as soon as possible.

Thank y'all for the help in advance!

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A quick guess would be the transmission gear selector switch and again just guessing I would say that it is somewhere near the shift lever, but don't quote me on that.

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As Jim said, is most likely the issue. Did you buy your Kodiak new or was it used? There is a green with white wire that connects to a sensor on top of the actual transmission. You gain access to it from the right side of the Kodiak, so you'll need to remove the right plastic panel that covers the engine. Aft of the engine is the transmission. Look for something that resembles a small spark plug bolted into the top of the trans. That is where the green w/ white wire should be connected. Remove and clean that connection. If it still is having issues, you may need to also trace out that wire and see if it got compromised. I do not know where the other side of that wire connects.
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