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2020 Kodiak 450 Fuel Pump Overheating

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I seen a thread on here about some fuel pump / over heating issues. Never really seen where there were any actual resolutions were offered. But i have a 2020 Kodiak 450 that i purchased last year and it had maybe 50 hrs on when it suddenly started just dying after riding for a bit. None of the Idiot lights came on, so i will assume that diagnostics cannot help with the issue. But i have a feeling this is an issue with the fuel pump overheating due to heat coming from motor considering that once I let it set for about 20 - 30 minute to (cool down) for a bit...it will fire back up and run fine. Yes I called a dealer where i requested to speak with a mechanic and asked if there were issues with this model having these issues. And did not surprise me of course i got the normal "Nope, nothing that we are experiencing" lol.
Now I am about 99% positive it is a fuel pump / heat issue due to upon turning key on at cold start, I can hear the steady sound/volume of the fuel pump charging. But when the quad has been ridden for awhile and dies / wont start. I then turn the key and can hear the fuel pump start to power/prime up then die down. But let it set for awhile....and the fuel pump with charge up normal & steady again and the quad once again runs fine. Again no idiot lights come on indicating overheating and nor when i crack the fuel cap open does any pressure come out. But I do sense that there is a some heat inside the tank.
Now I am kind of experienced with this type of issue, lol. Beings that i recently had this issue with a NEW 2016 polaris 450ho that i had purchased, that after one year it constantly ate fuel pump about every 6 months or so. Matter of fact that was why I got rid of the Polaris and bought the yamaha kodiak, lol. But with the Polaris, the actual temp light would come on indicating that the bike was overheating. Now after working repeatedly and very closely with my dealer whom has been in the business with his dad since he was a little kid. The issue with the Polaris was "appearing" to be that the tank vent had a plastic check valve/ball in it that would eventually stick closed from repeated heat from the motor. Thus it would build up pressure/heat and would cause the pressure regulator to puke fuel back into the tank and create a TON of air pressure. So much pressure that one time i took the cap off and it blew fuel out the tank over a foot into the air. But anyways, it was causing the bike would run lean and then overheat. But just like the Kodiak issue, lol. Let the Polaris cool down....and it would run again. But after so many times of that happening the fuel pump would just eventually crap out & need replaced. Thank GOD I purchased the polaris extended warranty & only had to pay $50 each time rather than the normal $750 that it would have cost me each time to get it replaced. But even with the warranty.... it became more about the inconvenience of it constantly happening and Polaris not ever offering any fixes/recalls/changes. Bottom line there is polaris KNEW they had an issue and wasnt ever going to fix the actual problem. And trust me, we taped the crap out of the tank with heat tape added heat shields etc. SO!!!, lol. Sadly this is where i am at "AGAIN" with the NEW yamaha 450. Yes i can purchase and easily replace the pump myself for right under $100.oo. and I actually did that already to end up having the same problem. So its NOT the pump....and has to be an excessive motor heat issue. Being able to easily change the pump aint the point...and Nor is it "FIXING" the actual issue.
So does ANYONE have ANY solution or suggestions to the problem? Cuz i have a feeling this is not just a random problem, nor that it is going to go away and I am sure that allot of others are experiencing the same issue. Thanks for all Input and/or suggestions.
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Hey everyone, I came across this thread when searching for a replacement fuel pump for my boss' ride. I found a replacement fuel pump from a company, Quantum Fuel Systems. I believe their part number is HFP-387B.
Thanks for the info on the Quantum pumps. My dealer / mechanic recommended that brand and said they use allot of those to replace pumps in other machines as well. Mentioned shopping all balls parts All Balls ATV Parts | MotoSport
Not sure if anyone has come up with a resolution/answer to this issue yet? But if so would like to hear what guys have been experiencing & learning about this issue. Thanks in advance Guys!!
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