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2020 Kodiak 450 and aftermarket rims

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Does anyone have aftermarket rims on their machine? Seems most are listed with a different offset and I am not sure how they will actually fit up.
Here is an example of one set I was looking at:
I do have the factory flares on the machine so if I gain a 1" on each side I would be fine but I really don't want any more than that. I would be fine with the factory offset if I could find it.
Also, any photos of a machine with a set of aftermarket rims would be great. THANKS
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I have ITP 12” wheels. They are 5+2 offset. It’s actually on my Grizzly, but it’s the same. I went with a “skinny square” setup - basically 4 fronts. It sticks out slightly than stock offset, but not noticeable. Not enough to change width on a trail, or need extra fenders. Also, all the aftermarket wheels are an inch wider. So tire selection matters. I stuck with my 27” Reptiles. And LOVE this setup!
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