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An affordable, full sized Utility ATV

Looking into your savings and finding out that maybe you should be a little more frugal can be an eye opener. This is especially true when you love to ride off-road and are desperately seeking a new Utility ATV. There are many choices in the market today when it comes to ATVs, but very few give you an outpouring of features sometimes only found on larger displacement machines. And then comes the 2018 Yamaha Kodiak 450 with a retail price starting at $5,999.

The Kodiak 450 is a very action-packed, feature-filled product that seems to come into the world at an affordable price for most anyone looking to get outdoors. We were able to get a little seat time on the new 2018 Yamaha Kodiak 450 in the tight terrain of the Washington State Forrest.

Let us first describe our riding conditions so when we say things like “tight twisty trails,” you will be more aware of what we were referring too. The riding area we were testing our 2018 Yamaha Kodiak 450 at had to be some of the tightest trails we have experienced. Labeled at 50 inches, it really seemed a lot slimmer in some sections. Not only are the trails tight, but they can be very unforgiving to a rider who is not prepared to pay close attention to the trail itself. Elevation was not really a factor even though we did get to somewhere in the 2,500-foot range when visiting the Capital Peak Radio Towers. Between the rocks and large tree roots wandering into the tight trails as well as the soft shoulders on the trail sides, it was a day of excitement to say the least. This is a trail system that shows off the compact nimbleness of the Kodiak 450 perfectly!

Check out the review here: http://www.atv.com/manufacturers/2018-yamaha-kodiak-450-review
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