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Hey everyone,

I have been on here for a little while now, lurking around mainly. I sold my 08 raptor 700 SE and bought a new 2018 kodiak 700 base last year for cash OTD.
I am finally starting to get it dialed in to where i want it. I ride my backyard trails in new hampshire, it is the side of a mountain, and slow technical hilly trails.
My mods are as follow:

-Full Aluminum products skid plates.
-27'' Zilla tires.
-EHS Tuner
-AIS Delete
-hour meter
-2k lb winch

Next i am looking at heated grips, synthetic winch cable, 501 diff lock kit... maybe hmf QS eventually..

I like the machine, dont love it, it is starting to grow on me though:) I am starting to get it to where i want it.



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You got a nice set of mods for it.
Once you do some clutch tuner, and exhaust mods the bike will come alive, but seriously doubt it will ever be a raptor.

I went with the Heat Demons heated grips with thumb warmer.
I rotated them until the little bump where the wire comes out felt more natural.
The will roast your hands if you crank them up.
Lots of heat adjustability, and the thumb heat level is controlled separately through the control unit.
The grips are aggressive so you will need to wear gloves.

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