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Hey guys, hoping someone here might have some idea how I can get my 450 up and running again. I cut a pile of wood and it’s getting wet.

Anyway, it would not power up yesterday. No power to the display, no fuel pump, no ECU, nothing. In the previous days it had been acting weird, and generally acting weird this season. What had been happening in previous days:

  • display was turning on during battery charging with the key off
  • bike would not power up, but wiggling fuses and actuating the rear brake would allow it to power up
  • one day using the brakes would kill the motor - some sort of electrical issue
  • now it won’t power up at all. The winch turns and the battery is strong, but it won’t power up at all. I tried wiggling and cleaning couplings in the harness, but still nothing. I suspect there is maybe a bad ground somewhere or a bad connection or a fault in a harness. It feels like it should be a simple fix, but I’m stumped.

I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas or if there are common electrical issues for this year that I don’t know about.
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