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Hi, First time posting but could use some advice as to what to check. I have a 2016 Kodiak 700 that will crank but won't fire up. It was working during warmer weather but had the weather drop below -15 celsius and then had a really hard time firing up. Tried to get it to fire up and ended up flooding it, waited a bit and then tried again finally got it to fire. Ran ok for that day did stall out once but fired back up no problem. Next day tried to get it to fire and wouldn't fire at all. So far tried new gas and new spark plug with still no luck. Fuel pump is working, I have spark to the plug and i know i'm getting fuel due to if i keep the spark plug out and turn it over, gas mists out of the spark plug hole. Hopefully I can get some advice as what I can check next, I am thinking checking valves and fuel injector next.

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Here is what the repair manual says to check for no start:

5 TROUBLESHOOTING EBS30321 GENERAL INFORMATION TIP The following guide for troubleshooting does not cover all the possible causes of trouble. It should be helpful, however, as a guide to basic troubleshooting. Refer to the relative procedure in this manual for checks, adjustments, and replacement of parts. EBS30322 STARTING FAILURES Engine
1. Cylinder and cylinder head
• Loose spark plug
• Loose cylinder head or cylinder
• Damaged cylinder head gasket
• Damaged cylinder gasket
• Worn or damaged cylinder
• Incorrect valve clearance
• Improperly sealed valve
• Incorrect valve-to-valve-seat contact
• Incorrect valve timing
• Faulty valve spring
• Seized valve

2. Piston and piston ring(s)
• Improperly installed piston ring
• Damaged, worn or fatigued piston ring
• Seized piston ring • Seized or damaged piston 3. Air filter
• Improperly installed air filter
• Clogged air filter element
4. Crankcase and crankshaft
• Improperly assembled crankcase
• Seized crankshaft Fuel system

1. Fuel tank
• Empty fuel tank
• Clogged fuel tank drain hose
• Clogged rollover valve
• Clogged rollover valve hose
• Deteriorated or contaminated fuel

2. Fuel pump
• Faulty fuel pump
• Faulty fuel injection system relay
• Clogged or damaged fuel hose 3. Throttle body
• Deteriorated or contaminated fuel
• Sucked-in air Electrical system 1. Battery
• Discharged battery • Faulty battery 2. Fuse(s)
• Blown, damaged or incorrect fuse
• Improperly installed fuse

3. Spark plug
• Incorrect spark plug gap
• Incorrect spark plug heat range
• Fouled spark plug
• Worn or damaged electrode
• Worn or damaged insulator
• Faulty spark plug cap

4. Ignition coil
• Cracked or broken ignition coil body
• Broken or shorted primary or secondary coils
• Faulty spark plug lead

5. Ignition system
• Faulty ECU • Faulty crankshaft position sensor
• Broken AC magneto rotor woodruff key

6. Switches and wiring
• Faulty main switch
• Faulty engine stop switch
• Broken or shorted wiring
• Faulty gear position switch
• Faulty start switch
• Faulty brake light switch
• Improperly grounded circuit
• Loose connections

7. Starting system
• Faulty starter motor
• Faulty starter relay
• Faulty starter clutch

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Not sure if this applies to the DOHC 708, but in the past generation SOHC 686 and 660 Yamaha Atv engines, valves going out of adjustment would often cause cold start issues aspecially in cold climates.
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