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I know this is a Yamaha forum and i thoroughly enjoy my Kodiak. i have an opportunity to grab a Can Am Outlander 650 HO XT at a very very attractive price. 2007 900 miles 89 hours. Anyone have any experience with Can Am and if so any feed back on if picking up this machine for 2.5 k makes sense. One owner, friend on mines Dad who tragically passed away and used it for plowing and putting around his property. i looked at it and it is in mint condition and is bulkier and bigger than my Kodiak but as a second beat around machine is it worth the investment? KBB has the machine retail at 4.7 K. Seems like a no brainer unless there's something inherent with the year or build that has problems - Any and all feedback would be deeply appreciated. Cheers

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for that price, low miles and hours......jump on that deal.

put around on it for a bit , if you decide it's not for you, sell it and make some cash on the deal.

use that new found extra cash to buy a gift or two for your Yammie
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