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  1. Kodiak 700 Engine & Transmission
    Hey I was just hoping someone could give me a little advice on how to fix a problem I've been having. Like the title says I have a 2021 kodiak 700 and its not running right. The reverse light on the dash stays on no matter what gear I put it in and it wont go over 8mph in high or low gear. It...
  2. Kodiak 700 Tires & Wheels
    Contemplating some new tires for my 2022 Kodiak EPS SE. I’ve read a lot about going up to 27”, but I don’t want to do any kind of clutch work or mods. I just want meatier tires. These maxxis that came with the bike have no grip at all and they just spin in florida sand and light mud. Looking...
1-2 of 2 Results