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  1. Kodiak 700 Accessories & Add Ons
    Hey guys, just bought a SuperWinch Terra 3500 SR winch and KFI mount for my 20’ 700EPS. I see where a lot of people mount the solenoid on the back of the mounting plate. I know Superwinch says it’s a sealed solenoid as well. But I’ve seen on here and some grizzly forums that guys try to mount it...
  2. Dealers, Purchases and Orders
    I've tryed looking it up but I cant find anywhere can someone please list all the differences between the 2021 kodiak 700 base model to the eps model and also the eps se model thank you.
  3. Kodiak 700 Engine & Transmission
    Hey all, Last summer I sunk my Kodiak and it was hydro locked. I pulled the plug once I got it home, shot all the water out of the cylinder and did two oil/filter changes after getting it hot for both of those changes. Oil looked ok to me after the second change. This was towards the end of the...
1-3 of 3 Results