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Midnight Blue Metallic w/ Aluminum wheels
2017 Yamaha Kodiak 700 EPS SE yes has the push button 4x4 and diff. lock, all 10 skid plates, upgraded to a 3500lb winch, 2" heavy duty hitch, basic storage boxes nothing special made myself, I drawn out the Kodiak insignia and free handed the painting of it as well on my Homemade cargo boxes with lids also got KODIAK colored in in a dark blue, made front 2" hitch insert, extra lighting in front and back, 2" wheel spacers all around, took off the stock oem wheels and tires replaced the 2" inch wheel spacers with deep dish wheels, air box sensor bypass switch, reverse rev limiter switch, upgraded the wheels to 4/110 STI HD4 Alloy Wheels 12x7 2.0 + 5.0 Gloss Black and ITP Mud Lites and got all 16 gloss black lug nuts, Got a Black Billet Power exhaust tip it is 1 1/2", Check out 2rracing.com, it has a very nice throaty sound now and it seems to have a bit more power that I have noticed, put on a Pop Stop AIS block off test plate no more popping like crazy in acceleration or decel....made my own trailer from a pop up camper, a nice 4x8 with headache rack. About to put a 2" inch lift kit in her. would like some newer front and rear bumpers on her too. Would like to upgrade the cdi/ecu with a high performance unit But can't find one so far. Don't know where to look ?? I had 100watt front end lights, but got several complaints of how bright they was so went back to stock for now, lol!!
2017 Yamaha (Midnight Blue Metallic w/ Aluminum wheels)



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